The Face On The Milk Carton - December 13, 2009

I really enjoyed the book The Face On The Milk Carton by Caroline B. Cooney. This book made me feel very excited as I read each and every page. This is because there is always something to find out about how Janie(the main character) got kidnapped. I have a connection to this book from an article I heard about. In this article, about 100 kids with rich parents got kidnapped. All from the same few schools. The kidnappers demanded money from the kid's parents and once they got the money, some kids got sent home, and some kids got killed. This helped me understand this book because I know how Janie must have felt when she realized that she had been kidnapped. This book is a Just Right book to me because I can understand most of the text and it is not easy nor hard.

One main character that changed throughout the story is a girl named Janie. In the beginning of this book, when she found out she was kidnapped, she was determined to find her old family. At the end of the book, she really didn't want to know where her old family was because she realized that she was perfectly fine in the family she currently was. Janie changed because she slowly realized that she couldn't bear to part away from the family she was currently living with. Another character that changed was a boy named Reeve. In Janie's mind he turned from a clueless and annoying person to a smart and kind person. Janie was the person who made him change because ever since he started to like Janie and was inspired to study harder and become a nice person.

The problem of the story is that Janie finds out that she had been kidnapped 12 years ago. She longs to find her real parents and see who they really are. This problem was resolved by Janie going to New Jersey(where she was kidnapped). She looked up in the phone book and found that there was only one family that had the last name Spring(before Janie was kidnapped, her name was Jennie Spring). She followed the adress that was listed on the phone book and found that the people walking in and out of that house looked very much like her. At is point, Janie tried to forget that she was kidnapped but it poping up into her mind. I would change the ending of this book. In this book, the ending was that Janie called her old family(the Springs) and said a few words. They were"Hi. It's your daughter. Me. Jennie" I would make the ending longer by showing how the Springs family reacted. This is because after the last paragraph of the book, I still couldn't breath a sign of relief. I wanted to know what happened. I think that the author's message of this book is that sometimes, you may want something very badly, but at the end, you'll never want to think about it.

Sign Of The Beaver Summary/ December 1st, 2009

There was no sound in the forest except for Matt's voice."Bye mom. Bye dad. Bye Sarah." Matt waved at his family as he wiped a tear away from his eye. They were going to leave for 6 months to the hospital were Matt's mom would be having a baby. Taking the last glimpse of his parents, he went into the cabin. After a few days, a Indian called Saknis came into Matt's cabin and offered him some food. Matt was so happy that he wanted to give him a present. The only thing he had was the book "Robinson Crusoe" and quickly presented in to Saknis. Saknis was impressed that Matt could read and made an agreement with Matt. Matt would teach Saknis' grandson and in return, Saknis would give Matt some food to survive. The next day, Saknis' grandson Attean came and sat down at Matt's table... unwillingly.

Throughout the story, Matt and Attean become good friends. They go on many hunting adventures and Matt was even allowed to go into the Indian village. At the end of the book, Attean has to follow the Indian's belief and go deep into the forest to find his manitou and become a man to go on real hunts. After a few days, Attean comes back, truly changed. He looked like a fully grown man and always had his back straight instead of slouching. Matt was amazed when he saw Attean but when Attean announced that the Indians were going to move away, Matt was broken hearted. He had relied on Attean being his friend forever and now Attean had to move. Then, Attean offered Matt to go with them and become his brother. Denying his offer, Matt thought about his family. The next day, Attean came back with his dog, a basket of maple sugar and snowshoes. They were all presents to Matt from Attean's grandmother, grandfather and even Attean himself. Delightfully, Matt took the presents and gave Attean his watch in return. Attean took it and the two boys said goodbye. A few days later, Matt spotted his family in the distance and hurriedly ran to hug them. His mother was thin and pale. Immediately, Matt spotted that there was no baby. Later on, he found out that the baby had died. From that day on, Matt, his dog, and his family lived together in the small cabin in the forest.

Whipping Boy Summary

"Whipping Boy!" The king would thunder right after Prince Horace also known as Prince Brat did a prank. Then, Jemmy would slump out and prepare to get whipped. One day, Jemmy got ready to go to bed when Prince Brat came in and demanded him to run away with him. Jemmy had no choice so agreed. Then together, they left the castle. Through the foggy path, they met Cutwater and Hold - Your - Nose - Billy, 2 cutthroats. They kidnapped them and quickly took them into a hut. Recognizing that Jemmy was the prince and Prince Brat was the whipping boy. Without hesitation, Jemmy made a plan the two boys escaped from the 2 cutthroat's clutches almost immediately.

Through the forest, they meet with Hold - Your - Nose - Billy and Cutwater several times but always find a way to escape them. Jemmy meets quite a lot of old rat catcher friends on the way to different areas. After a few adventures, the two boys become friends and happily go back to the castle. I think Sid Fleischman wrote this book to tell us about friendship and how people can change. Just like Jemmy and Prince Brat became friends and changed.

Heart - to - Heart November 16, 2009

Laura Dower really did a very good job in writing Heart - to - Heart. While reading this book, I always felt an urge to keep on reading after every page. This book made me feel very happy for Madison. She has everything she needs. BFFs, a dog, and many other things. Including a secret admirer.... But, sometimes I feel sad for her because sometimes, she feels like her life is messsed up and she has many things on her mind. This leads to the connection I have. The connection = is related to me. I can sometimes feel that there is a lot of things up my mind and that my life is messed up. At the end of the day, I just feel like screaming! So I know how Madison feels in that part. This book is a just right book because I can understand all of the text. It is also not too easy and not too hard.

One main character that changed a lot is one of Madison's BFF Fiona. Fiona goes from a normal girl to one that is excited and always wants to hang out with a boy she really likes who is called Egg. Egg was the person who made her change because ever since they really started to understand each other and became really good friends, she started to hang out more. The other characters didn't change very much but I though that Fiona had the biggest change. One character that didn't have a change is Madison. Even though she didn't change, I think it is worth talking about her. Madison is a girl with many hobbies and loves dogs. She herself has a pet dog. Madison is also a girl who doesn't care if she hangs out with boys of girls. Liking to laugh, Madison always joins her friends in games. I really like Madison.

The problem of the story is that one day, Madison gets a letter in her email that was sent from an anonamous person. The person who sent the email said that he had was her secret admirer. At first, Madison though it was just a trick, but then finds out that it is real. She tries to find who sent her the emails but before long, the secret admirer starts sending her roses and many other emails. Another thing that is happining is that Madison's school is holding a Valentine's dance, since it's almost Valentines Day. Madison hopes that her secret admirer is a boy named Hart and that he will invite her to go with him to the Valentines dance. He is really nice and funny and Madison has a crush on him. The resolution of the story is that Madison finds out who the secret admirer is. It is a boy that she knows and usually helps him out in a little vet named Dan. Madison is very disapointed that her secret admirer is not Hart and as soon as Dan tells her he is her secret admirer, she runs out of the hall. Crying. I feel very sad for Madison and Dan. I feel bad for Madison because I know how badly she wanted Hart to be her secret admirer and it turns out that he went with her worst enemy. A girl names Ivy. Madison dislikes her so much that she and her BFFs nickname Ivy Poison Ivy which I find very funny. I feel bad for Dan because if I were in his shoes, I would feel really bad when Madison runs away. I would feel like she doesn't like me at all! The part I would like to change in this book is the secret admirer. I think that the story would be better if the secret admirer was Hart. I would change that part so that the ending would be better and people could take a breath and know that Hart and Madison would be happy. I think that author's message is don't be sure that something would happen. Because in the book, Madison was really sure that Hart was her secret admirer. So when Dan told her that he was her admirer, her reaction was very big. I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to people who would like a good and relaxing read.

Book Bytes October 2009

Here is my book talk video.

Secret Santa - October 12, 2009

I read a book called The Secret Santa by Carolyn Keene. I really enjoyed this book because after the first few pages, I felt the urge to read the next few pages. Then after that, I wanted to read the next few pages and so on. This was because in the first few pages, a bad thing happened and I really wanted to know who did it. Then after that, other bad things happen and that made me want to know more and more about who did these crimes. In this book, I have a connection to my life. 2 things in my life were stolen and they were very precious. That time, I was as sad as ever. I knew who stole it but never had the courage to tell them. In this book, two Secret Santa gifts were stolen and the girl who it was stolen from was really really sad when this happened. This helped my learning of the book because I know how it felt to have 2 very precious things stolen from you. This is a just right book because I could read between the lines in this book and it wasn't very challenging.

Two main characters in this book were called Nancy Drew and Emily Reeves. Emily changed a lot throughout the book. She went from selfish to very generous. In this book, Nancy had 2 Secret Santa things stolen from her. One was a nicely decorated card and the other was one of Nancy's favorite food. These were all supposed to be given from her Secret Santa to her, but someone kept on stealing it. At the end, Nancy found out that it was Emily who got it. She explained that it was because her Secret Santa gave her lame gifts and when she saw Nancy's bright and colorful gifts she was really jealous. Even though Emily stole the gifts, she learned her lesson and became a generous girl. Even though it was a bad thing that Emily stole the gifts, I think that if Emily became a more generous person by doing this, then it's worth it. Nancy didn't really change. Even though the bad thing happened to her, she was still kind and forgiving in the beginning and to the end of the book.

The problem of the book was that Emily was kind of greedy and so she took Nancy's Secret Santa things. If Emily wasn't that greedy, then she wouldn't have taken Nancy's gifts. The resolution of this book is when Nancy told her feelings to the teacher. When Emily heard that Nancy told the teacher, she knew that she had to admit that the person that was stealing Nancy's Secret Santa bags was her. So that was what Emily did. After she told the teacher, the teacher made her apologize to Nancy. Emily learned her lesson and became Nancy's good friend. I like the ending but I think that a part of it could be changed. The part that could be changed when Emily told the teacher what she did. Since Nancy is a detective, Emily could have written an apology letter to Nancy in invisible ink. There is a way to find out what invisible ink says. I got this idea by another book I read. The reason Emily stole Nancy's Secret Santa bag is because she herself got bad Secret Santa gifts and Nancy is a detective so she was really sad that her Secret Santa gifts were stolen. She tried and tried to find stole her gifts. I think the author was trying to tell people that is no matter how bad you gift is, don't steal another person's. It would really hurt their feelings.