Heart - to - Heart November 16, 2009

Laura Dower really did a very good job in writing Heart - to - Heart. While reading this book, I always felt an urge to keep on reading after every page. This book made me feel very happy for Madison. She has everything she needs. BFFs, a dog, and many other things. Including a secret admirer.... But, sometimes I feel sad for her because sometimes, she feels like her life is messsed up and she has many things on her mind. This leads to the connection I have. The connection = is related to me. I can sometimes feel that there is a lot of things up my mind and that my life is messed up. At the end of the day, I just feel like screaming! So I know how Madison feels in that part. This book is a just right book because I can understand all of the text. It is also not too easy and not too hard.

One main character that changed a lot is one of Madison's BFF Fiona. Fiona goes from a normal girl to one that is excited and always wants to hang out with a boy she really likes who is called Egg. Egg was the person who made her change because ever since they really started to understand each other and became really good friends, she started to hang out more. The other characters didn't change very much but I though that Fiona had the biggest change. One character that didn't have a change is Madison. Even though she didn't change, I think it is worth talking about her. Madison is a girl with many hobbies and loves dogs. She herself has a pet dog. Madison is also a girl who doesn't care if she hangs out with boys of girls. Liking to laugh, Madison always joins her friends in games. I really like Madison.

The problem of the story is that one day, Madison gets a letter in her email that was sent from an anonamous person. The person who sent the email said that he had was her secret admirer. At first, Madison though it was just a trick, but then finds out that it is real. She tries to find who sent her the emails but before long, the secret admirer starts sending her roses and many other emails. Another thing that is happining is that Madison's school is holding a Valentine's dance, since it's almost Valentines Day. Madison hopes that her secret admirer is a boy named Hart and that he will invite her to go with him to the Valentines dance. He is really nice and funny and Madison has a crush on him. The resolution of the story is that Madison finds out who the secret admirer is. It is a boy that she knows and usually helps him out in a little vet named Dan. Madison is very disapointed that her secret admirer is not Hart and as soon as Dan tells her he is her secret admirer, she runs out of the hall. Crying. I feel very sad for Madison and Dan. I feel bad for Madison because I know how badly she wanted Hart to be her secret admirer and it turns out that he went with her worst enemy. A girl names Ivy. Madison dislikes her so much that she and her BFFs nickname Ivy Poison Ivy which I find very funny. I feel bad for Dan because if I were in his shoes, I would feel really bad when Madison runs away. I would feel like she doesn't like me at all! The part I would like to change in this book is the secret admirer. I think that the story would be better if the secret admirer was Hart. I would change that part so that the ending would be better and people could take a breath and know that Hart and Madison would be happy. I think that author's message is don't be sure that something would happen. Because in the book, Madison was really sure that Hart was her secret admirer. So when Dan told her that he was her admirer, her reaction was very big. I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to people who would like a good and relaxing read.

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