Joey Pigza Loses Control - May 4, 2010

Jack Gantos really did a great job in writing the book Joey Pigza Loses Control. This book made me laugh many times because of Joey's actions. I remember once when he tucked his dog, Pablo under his shirt. That was really funny. I have a connection from this book to me. Sometimes in this book, Joey would suddenly feel a little crazy but tries to get himself under control. Sometimes when I have a lot in my mind I want to burst but I always try to hold it back. This helped me understand how hard it is for Joey to get himself under control. This is a just right book for me because I can understand all the text and I find the book very interesting.

One character that changed in the book is Joey Pigza. At the beginning of the book, he was a very crazy boy who would always get in trouble. Throughout the book, Joey becomes more aware of his craziness and starts to calm down. I think that it was his father that caused him to change. This is because all the way through he book, his father kept on telling him that normal people do not wear patches. Joey really wants to be normal so he does what his father tells him to do. Some things go smoothly and some, well..., not really. Another character that changed is Joey's grandmother. She gradually became nicer. Joey's dog Pablo helped her change. I think this because She gradually developed a love for Pablo and usually when you develop love for an animal you will become nicer.

The problem of the story was that Joey wanted to become a normal kid and that his father was also a little bit crazy. The problem was resolved by Joey and his father helping each other to become less hyper and that Joey goes back to living with his mother. I feel very happy about this conclusion. I would have changed the ending of the story. The story ended with Joey losing his baseball game and his mother picking him up. I would have made Joey win his baseball game. I would also have made Joey take his grandmother with him since his grandmother became a nice and kind lady. I think that the author's message was that anything could be accomplished.

Tanglewreck - April 22, 2010

I just read a thrilling book Tanglewreck by: Jeanette Winterson.This book made me feel like I was Silver, the main character. I felt like I had traveled into the book. I have a connection from this book to another book. In this book, Silver has to go through many adventures and she always meets difficutlies in each one. In another book I read, the main character also has to go through many adventures and just like Silver, he meets difficulty in each one. This connection has helped me understand how hard it is to go through each and every adventure. This is a just right book because I can understand most of the text without any difficulties.

Silver, one of the main characters changed throughout the story. In the beginning of the book, Silver was a shy girl who would listen to almost anyone. Then, throughout the rest of the book, Silver gradually changes into a bold and brave girl who went on many adventures. I think Silver changed because she gradually realizes that there was a very dangerous but important task right in front of her and that she has to complete it. Another character that changed was Silver's aunt Mrs. Rokabye. In the beginning of the book, Mrs. Rokabye was a character that was as mean and stubborn aas steel. Towards the end of the book, she begins to get softer and nicer but she does change completly. I think what made her change was love. She fell in love with a man and began to show her nice side to Silver.

I think that the problem of the story is that Silver needed to find the Timekeeper before it went into the wrong hands. This problem was resolved by Silver finding the Timekeeper and going back to her beloved house, Tanglewreck. One thing I would change in the book is to let Silver go back to her parents. In the beginnning of the book, everyone thought that Silver's parents were dead, but at the end, they soon realize that Silver's parents were caught in a Timestorm. Right before Silver finds the Timekeeper, she sees her parents but refuses to stay with them for she had to find the Timekeeper. At the end, she did not go back to them because she wanted to go back to where her real home was, Tanglewreck. I think that the author's message is that anything is impossible. Because it seemed impossible for Silver, a girl that isn't even a teenager, to find a clock that can control time.

Corey's Underground Railroad Diary - March 3, 2010

I read a very emotional book called Corey's Underground Railroad Diary by Sharon Dennis Wyeth. I have a connection to another book I read. It's called The Underground Railroad. In this book, it talks about how Corey went through all the procedures in the Underground Railroad. In the other book, it tells all about how the procedures work. This book is an alright book for me. It was between the lines of easy and just right.

Corey is one of the main characters in the book and he is a character that changed a lot. this is because throughout the story, he became braver and braver. At first, he was a little scared of his master and how he would find out that Corey could write. Soon, he plucked the courage to run away with his mother. His mother was pregnant but Corey felt brave enough to help his mother in escaping from slavery. What made Corey change? Corey changed because he felt that he had to be like his father. Brave and Fearless. His mother is also another character that changed. She changed the same way Corey did. This is because in the beginning his mother was also scared of running away. After a while of Corey's encouraging energy, his mother finally agreed to be brave and run away with Corey. So that's what they did. Throughout the journey, Corey's mother hurt her ankle but still continued to run away with Corey. I think Corey was the one that made his mother change. He encouraged his mother to keep on running even if she has to face difficulties.

The problem of the story was resolved by Corey, his mother, his father, and the new baby, going to Canada to spend the rest of their life in freedom. I would change the part of the book were Aunt Queen doesn't run away with Corey. I think that if Aunt Queen ran away with Corey, the story would be more interesting. I think the author's message is that nothing is impossible. This is because even though Corey's mother was pregnant, she still succeeded in running away with Corey.

38 Weeks Till Summer Vacation - March 1, 2010

I just read a fantastic book called "38 Week Till Summer Vacation" by Mona Kerby. This book made me feel really excited as I read it because after every page, I want to read the rest of the book more and more. I have a connection to another book I read. In that book, there was also a bully in the class in the beginning of the book. Then, at the end of the book, the bully turns really nice just like Jimmy Lee had. This connection helped me understand how people can change suddenly. Sometimes, you need to help them, and sometimes they just change themselves. This book was not a just right book for me. It is an easy book since there wasn't any challenging words or anything that I couldn't understand.

Jimmy Lee is a main character that changed. In the beginning of the book, he was all naughty and rude. He even stole Nora Jean's soap dog. Nora Jean had put a lot of effort into the soap dog and she was really mad when she found out that Jimmy Lee stole it. Towards the end of the book, Jimmy Lee became quiet and nice. He actually saved Nora Jean's life. She was eating a piece of pizza so fast that she choked. She could hardly breathe when Jimmy Lee can in and squeezed her really hard. The piece of pizza fell out of her mouth and she was saved. I do not think anything made Jimmy Lee change. Another main character that changed is Nora Jean. This is because in the beginning of the school year, Nora Jean was eager for school to end. As the year passed, Nora Jean realized that school wasn't so bad after all. I think she changed because of the fun things that has happened throughout the school year and how Jimmy Lee's behavior changed.

The problem of the story is that Jimmy Lee was a rude person and disliked Nora Jean a lot. It was resolved by Jimmy Lee changing into a kind person that wasn't so rude. He was honest with Nora Jean and admitted that he was the one that stole her soap dog. I felt relieved when Jimmy Lee started to calm down and not be so rude. I would change the book by putting some reasons why Jimmy Lee started to change. This is because there is not a lot of information about this. I think the author's message for this story is that people that are unfriendly can become friendly if you give them enough time.