The Face On The Milk Carton - December 13, 2009

I really enjoyed the book The Face On The Milk Carton by Caroline B. Cooney. This book made me feel very excited as I read each and every page. This is because there is always something to find out about how Janie(the main character) got kidnapped. I have a connection to this book from an article I heard about. In this article, about 100 kids with rich parents got kidnapped. All from the same few schools. The kidnappers demanded money from the kid's parents and once they got the money, some kids got sent home, and some kids got killed. This helped me understand this book because I know how Janie must have felt when she realized that she had been kidnapped. This book is a Just Right book to me because I can understand most of the text and it is not easy nor hard.

One main character that changed throughout the story is a girl named Janie. In the beginning of this book, when she found out she was kidnapped, she was determined to find her old family. At the end of the book, she really didn't want to know where her old family was because she realized that she was perfectly fine in the family she currently was. Janie changed because she slowly realized that she couldn't bear to part away from the family she was currently living with. Another character that changed was a boy named Reeve. In Janie's mind he turned from a clueless and annoying person to a smart and kind person. Janie was the person who made him change because ever since he started to like Janie and was inspired to study harder and become a nice person.

The problem of the story is that Janie finds out that she had been kidnapped 12 years ago. She longs to find her real parents and see who they really are. This problem was resolved by Janie going to New Jersey(where she was kidnapped). She looked up in the phone book and found that there was only one family that had the last name Spring(before Janie was kidnapped, her name was Jennie Spring). She followed the adress that was listed on the phone book and found that the people walking in and out of that house looked very much like her. At is point, Janie tried to forget that she was kidnapped but it poping up into her mind. I would change the ending of this book. In this book, the ending was that Janie called her old family(the Springs) and said a few words. They were"Hi. It's your daughter. Me. Jennie" I would make the ending longer by showing how the Springs family reacted. This is because after the last paragraph of the book, I still couldn't breath a sign of relief. I wanted to know what happened. I think that the author's message of this book is that sometimes, you may want something very badly, but at the end, you'll never want to think about it.

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