Sign Of The Beaver Summary/ December 1st, 2009

There was no sound in the forest except for Matt's voice."Bye mom. Bye dad. Bye Sarah." Matt waved at his family as he wiped a tear away from his eye. They were going to leave for 6 months to the hospital were Matt's mom would be having a baby. Taking the last glimpse of his parents, he went into the cabin. After a few days, a Indian called Saknis came into Matt's cabin and offered him some food. Matt was so happy that he wanted to give him a present. The only thing he had was the book "Robinson Crusoe" and quickly presented in to Saknis. Saknis was impressed that Matt could read and made an agreement with Matt. Matt would teach Saknis' grandson and in return, Saknis would give Matt some food to survive. The next day, Saknis' grandson Attean came and sat down at Matt's table... unwillingly.

Throughout the story, Matt and Attean become good friends. They go on many hunting adventures and Matt was even allowed to go into the Indian village. At the end of the book, Attean has to follow the Indian's belief and go deep into the forest to find his manitou and become a man to go on real hunts. After a few days, Attean comes back, truly changed. He looked like a fully grown man and always had his back straight instead of slouching. Matt was amazed when he saw Attean but when Attean announced that the Indians were going to move away, Matt was broken hearted. He had relied on Attean being his friend forever and now Attean had to move. Then, Attean offered Matt to go with them and become his brother. Denying his offer, Matt thought about his family. The next day, Attean came back with his dog, a basket of maple sugar and snowshoes. They were all presents to Matt from Attean's grandmother, grandfather and even Attean himself. Delightfully, Matt took the presents and gave Attean his watch in return. Attean took it and the two boys said goodbye. A few days later, Matt spotted his family in the distance and hurriedly ran to hug them. His mother was thin and pale. Immediately, Matt spotted that there was no baby. Later on, he found out that the baby had died. From that day on, Matt, his dog, and his family lived together in the small cabin in the forest.

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