Whipping Boy Summary

"Whipping Boy!" The king would thunder right after Prince Horace also known as Prince Brat did a prank. Then, Jemmy would slump out and prepare to get whipped. One day, Jemmy got ready to go to bed when Prince Brat came in and demanded him to run away with him. Jemmy had no choice so agreed. Then together, they left the castle. Through the foggy path, they met Cutwater and Hold - Your - Nose - Billy, 2 cutthroats. They kidnapped them and quickly took them into a hut. Recognizing that Jemmy was the prince and Prince Brat was the whipping boy. Without hesitation, Jemmy made a plan the two boys escaped from the 2 cutthroat's clutches almost immediately.

Through the forest, they meet with Hold - Your - Nose - Billy and Cutwater several times but always find a way to escape them. Jemmy meets quite a lot of old rat catcher friends on the way to different areas. After a few adventures, the two boys become friends and happily go back to the castle. I think Sid Fleischman wrote this book to tell us about friendship and how people can change. Just like Jemmy and Prince Brat became friends and changed.

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