Tanglewreck - April 22, 2010

I just read a thrilling book Tanglewreck by: Jeanette Winterson.This book made me feel like I was Silver, the main character. I felt like I had traveled into the book. I have a connection from this book to another book. In this book, Silver has to go through many adventures and she always meets difficutlies in each one. In another book I read, the main character also has to go through many adventures and just like Silver, he meets difficulty in each one. This connection has helped me understand how hard it is to go through each and every adventure. This is a just right book because I can understand most of the text without any difficulties.

Silver, one of the main characters changed throughout the story. In the beginning of the book, Silver was a shy girl who would listen to almost anyone. Then, throughout the rest of the book, Silver gradually changes into a bold and brave girl who went on many adventures. I think Silver changed because she gradually realizes that there was a very dangerous but important task right in front of her and that she has to complete it. Another character that changed was Silver's aunt Mrs. Rokabye. In the beginning of the book, Mrs. Rokabye was a character that was as mean and stubborn aas steel. Towards the end of the book, she begins to get softer and nicer but she does change completly. I think what made her change was love. She fell in love with a man and began to show her nice side to Silver.

I think that the problem of the story is that Silver needed to find the Timekeeper before it went into the wrong hands. This problem was resolved by Silver finding the Timekeeper and going back to her beloved house, Tanglewreck. One thing I would change in the book is to let Silver go back to her parents. In the beginnning of the book, everyone thought that Silver's parents were dead, but at the end, they soon realize that Silver's parents were caught in a Timestorm. Right before Silver finds the Timekeeper, she sees her parents but refuses to stay with them for she had to find the Timekeeper. At the end, she did not go back to them because she wanted to go back to where her real home was, Tanglewreck. I think that the author's message is that anything is impossible. Because it seemed impossible for Silver, a girl that isn't even a teenager, to find a clock that can control time.