Secret Santa - October 12, 2009

I read a book called The Secret Santa by Carolyn Keene. I really enjoyed this book because after the first few pages, I felt the urge to read the next few pages. Then after that, I wanted to read the next few pages and so on. This was because in the first few pages, a bad thing happened and I really wanted to know who did it. Then after that, other bad things happen and that made me want to know more and more about who did these crimes. In this book, I have a connection to my life. 2 things in my life were stolen and they were very precious. That time, I was as sad as ever. I knew who stole it but never had the courage to tell them. In this book, two Secret Santa gifts were stolen and the girl who it was stolen from was really really sad when this happened. This helped my learning of the book because I know how it felt to have 2 very precious things stolen from you. This is a just right book because I could read between the lines in this book and it wasn't very challenging.

Two main characters in this book were called Nancy Drew and Emily Reeves. Emily changed a lot throughout the book. She went from selfish to very generous. In this book, Nancy had 2 Secret Santa things stolen from her. One was a nicely decorated card and the other was one of Nancy's favorite food. These were all supposed to be given from her Secret Santa to her, but someone kept on stealing it. At the end, Nancy found out that it was Emily who got it. She explained that it was because her Secret Santa gave her lame gifts and when she saw Nancy's bright and colorful gifts she was really jealous. Even though Emily stole the gifts, she learned her lesson and became a generous girl. Even though it was a bad thing that Emily stole the gifts, I think that if Emily became a more generous person by doing this, then it's worth it. Nancy didn't really change. Even though the bad thing happened to her, she was still kind and forgiving in the beginning and to the end of the book.

The problem of the book was that Emily was kind of greedy and so she took Nancy's Secret Santa things. If Emily wasn't that greedy, then she wouldn't have taken Nancy's gifts. The resolution of this book is when Nancy told her feelings to the teacher. When Emily heard that Nancy told the teacher, she knew that she had to admit that the person that was stealing Nancy's Secret Santa bags was her. So that was what Emily did. After she told the teacher, the teacher made her apologize to Nancy. Emily learned her lesson and became Nancy's good friend. I like the ending but I think that a part of it could be changed. The part that could be changed when Emily told the teacher what she did. Since Nancy is a detective, Emily could have written an apology letter to Nancy in invisible ink. There is a way to find out what invisible ink says. I got this idea by another book I read. The reason Emily stole Nancy's Secret Santa bag is because she herself got bad Secret Santa gifts and Nancy is a detective so she was really sad that her Secret Santa gifts were stolen. She tried and tried to find stole her gifts. I think the author was trying to tell people that is no matter how bad you gift is, don't steal another person's. It would really hurt their feelings.

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  1. A great journal entry. Your are clear with your conclusions and detailed with most of your examples. Your example of a connection was a bit vague. Remember we make connections to help us better understand the story, characters or plot. I do like the suggestions you make to change the story and make it more interesting.