Corey's Underground Railroad Diary - March 3, 2010

I read a very emotional book called Corey's Underground Railroad Diary by Sharon Dennis Wyeth. I have a connection to another book I read. It's called The Underground Railroad. In this book, it talks about how Corey went through all the procedures in the Underground Railroad. In the other book, it tells all about how the procedures work. This book is an alright book for me. It was between the lines of easy and just right.

Corey is one of the main characters in the book and he is a character that changed a lot. this is because throughout the story, he became braver and braver. At first, he was a little scared of his master and how he would find out that Corey could write. Soon, he plucked the courage to run away with his mother. His mother was pregnant but Corey felt brave enough to help his mother in escaping from slavery. What made Corey change? Corey changed because he felt that he had to be like his father. Brave and Fearless. His mother is also another character that changed. She changed the same way Corey did. This is because in the beginning his mother was also scared of running away. After a while of Corey's encouraging energy, his mother finally agreed to be brave and run away with Corey. So that's what they did. Throughout the journey, Corey's mother hurt her ankle but still continued to run away with Corey. I think Corey was the one that made his mother change. He encouraged his mother to keep on running even if she has to face difficulties.

The problem of the story was resolved by Corey, his mother, his father, and the new baby, going to Canada to spend the rest of their life in freedom. I would change the part of the book were Aunt Queen doesn't run away with Corey. I think that if Aunt Queen ran away with Corey, the story would be more interesting. I think the author's message is that nothing is impossible. This is because even though Corey's mother was pregnant, she still succeeded in running away with Corey.

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